My name is Molly Sutton Kiefer, though I am not the only one to represent Tinderbox Editions. But I am the publisher, so here I am.

Over at Tinderbox Poetry Journal, we're reaching our one-year anniversary, and to celebrate, we're hosting a reading at Maeve's, we're opening up a contest judged by Ocean Vuong, and one of the editors is creating a sister project called Tinderbox Editions.

We're going to publish poetry and essay collections.

The first title will be available in 2016. We hope to bring at least two more to the reading audience as well.

We'll have a Kickstarter campaign to get us going: we need the money to pay all kinds of costs, including printing, purchasing ISBNs, postage, the like. There's a donation button to the left of our page that you are welcome to use (though check is the best way, as no corporation will sneak their fees.)

We'll have a webpage in the coming months, so for now, I'm keeping this blog to document the process, to represent the press's thinking in the world (and as we add team members, I hope they will blog too), to keep in contact with those interested in developments, and to be transparent with our readers and future authors.

- June 2 2015

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