Thursday, July 2, 2015

open reading period: prose

Today, I was having in on a big conversation about reading fees and how detrimental they can be for anyone--people who have exhausted their funds, people who had no funds to begin with, etc. I know I've sunk my fair share into reading fees, and while I stand by my belief that they are an excellent way of sourcing funds for a journal or press, I discovered I simply could not charge a fee for my own reading periods.

I won't lie: we definitely could use the money raised by a reading fee. Which is why there is a donation option: you can either flat-out donate to the press, or you can donate and get a copy of one of our books. This has the bonus of expanding our readership, which is one of the most important things for me and this press. Good books deserve to be read, right?

So from now until the end of August, you can send me your prose manuscripts: personal essays, lyric essays, prose poems, and hybrid works. I'll run a similar reading in the winter for poetry manuscripts. The nitty gritty is that you can simultaneously submit, we will notify as we decide, I will have a team of readers (and will read myself), will not be reading blind, and a few other details, all of which you can find on our Submittable page.


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